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Helping Today. Helping Tommorow

Greatness begins with the quest for knowledge. Macaw academy exists because of our dream to build a sustainable ecosystem of talented and digitally skilled individuals empowered with the opportunity to create, give value and receive the reward for it. We expand our service to provide a pool for employers and these upskilled individuals to connect and exchange value.

Raven & Macaw faced a major challenge of finding employable individuals at its early beginnings.

At our early beginnings, We were struck with making a hard decision between bringing skilled staff from Lagos or going through the rigorous process of hiring and training individuals from kano. The struggle to find talented and skilled individuals brought about the urgency and necessity for us to empower more youths with digital skills and save other organizations from this hassle.


What Make Us Different

Macaw academy is a hybrid of professional tutors and mentors that can boast expertise in various aspects of digital marketing.This training is accompanied by access to free unlimited resources and a wide range of networking.

At the core of our service is sponsorship from individuals and organizations. While we identify potentials and provide the medium for people to gain more knowledge, we require support and partnership from sponsors to empower as many as possible. This will enable us to provide discounts for university students, fully funded scholarships for orphans and differently-abled people.

Macaw academy is a chance at greatness for anyone who goes through it.