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Developing and enhancing human skills and capabilities through education, learning, and meaningful work.

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Macaw Academy

Dear Digital Birdie,

Are you familiar with Digital Marketing, own a smartphone, and enjoy your social media time? Instead of letting your data go to waste, why not turn it into earnings?

At Macaw Academy, we’re leading the way, dedicated to empowering you with skills that put you in control of your destiny. Our mission is to provide a platform for the youth to transform their time into productivity. Our programs equip them with valuable skills for personal and societal growth and certify them to contribute positively to their communities.

Our focus? The future.

We’re dedicated to shaping the leaders of today and tomorrow. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to turn you into a digital master, qualifying you with skills enabling learning and open doors for earning. Join us on this journey of empowerment and growth.

6 Weeks Of Intensive Training

Digital Marketing Academy

Learn and understand the concept of becoming a digital marketer and content creator at the end of 6 weeks of intensive training. Our programmes are designed to certify you with future-proof new-generation skills, placing you on the international skill level pedestal.

At macaw academy, you learn and understand online marketing tricks, tools and strategies. With skills acquired, you would be able to use various tools available on the internet on three levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Impact Areas

Digital Marketing
Learn everything you need to know to become the best digital marketer every brand would love to work with.
At Macaw Academy, we have your best interest at heart. Whatever your organization’s needs are, we got you covered!
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Web Design & Development
As an expert web developer, you’re the band that holds all digital activities together. Learn how to build different types of websites and open yourself up to limitless opportunities.
Coming Soon
The Macaw community is a multi-purpose pool where each member is assigned to a mentor to serve as a guardian angel towards pursuing a successful career.
Macaw academy

Giving students the best value for their money.


Our goal is to position the youth on the global digital stage and pave their way to the future of work. We’re committed to training individuals in essential tech skills, ensuring their relevance in the job market, fostering self-employment, and nurturing them into job-creating entrepreneurs.


To build communities that create a self-sufficient, empowering, and value-driven ecosystem.

Core Principles
Driven by Technology
United by Community
Help is our goal

What makes us different

We Educate
We’re all about education!
We show young folks why picking up essential life and tech skills is crucial for building a brighter future.
We Mentor
We’re Here to Guide You!
You’re never on this journey alone. We’re here to mentor and support you at every step. Access to mentors means you get accountability, valuable feedback, and a treasure trove of real-life experiences to tap into.
We Connect
Let’s Stay Linked Up!
Once you wrap up the program, you’re all set to join a top-notch community of local and global employers eagerly seeking your unique skillset.