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Web Design & Digital Marketing Academy

We give you real-life, hands-on experience.

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Digital Marketing and Content Creation Academy

We give you real-life, hands-on experience.

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Macaw Academy


The first of its kind in the digital marketing industry. At the academy, we focus on teaching and equipping you with skills that give you the power to be the masters of your future. Our focus at the academy is to ensure you learn skills that will eventually help you earn; as a result, you become a producer of digital solutions for businesses. Join us at the academy as we transform you from consumers of the internet to producers of real-life solutions available to the internet user.

Our Focus Point

What we aim to do at Macaw Academy is create an avenue for the youth to help them utilise their time to be productive. In addition, we equip them with skills that will support them in society and the world at large. At the same time, they contribute to their immediate community. That is why we target a group that is the future of our world to make them digital masters and leaders today. Our curriculum is designed to equip you with skills that enable you to learn and earn:

Get digital skills that make you stronger and independent
Use your skills to help businesses grow as you grow
6 Weeks Of Intensive Training

Web Design & Digital Marketing Academy

Learn and understand the concept of becoming a digital marketer and content creator at the end of 6 weeks of intensive training. Our programmes are designed to empower you with future-proof new-generation skills that will place you on the international skill level pedestal.

At macaw academy, you learn and understand online marketing tricks, tools and strategies. With skills acquired, you would be able to use various tools available on the internet on three levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Impact Areas

Digital Marketing
Learn everything you need to know to become the best digital marketer every brand would love to work with.
At Macaw Academy, we have your best interest at heart. Whatever your goals are we got you covered.
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Web Design & Web Development
As a web developer, you’re the band that holds all digital activities together. Learn how to build different types of websites and open yourself up to limitless opportunities.
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The Macaw community is a multi-purpose pool where each member is assigned to a mentor to serve as a guardian angel towards pursuing a successful career.
Macaw academy

Giving students the best value for their money.


At Macaw Academy, our mission is to place Northern Nigeria on the digital world map and the path of the future of work, train individuals to acquire the necessary tech skills to help them stay relevant in the labour market, become self-employed or become job-providing entrepreneurs themselves.


To build communities that create an ecosystem that is self-sufficient, empowering, and value-driven.


Integrity, Professionalism, Technology and Community

Help is our goal

What makes us different

We Educate
We teach youths the relevance of acquiring basic life and tech skills to sustain a better livelihood.
We Mentor
You don’t walk alone. We provide mentorship and guidance every step of the way for all trainees. Access to mentors encourages accountability, constructive feedback, and free resources of relevant experience.
We Connect
After completion of the programme, you gain access to a world-class community of local and global employers in need of your skill(s)

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Having a good laptop and a stable internet connection are prerequisites for the enrolment of a course.

All course materials are accessible through a drive and can be made use of by you at your convenience.

You can access class recordings upon request after every missed class through your course coordinator.

All nationally approved forms of payment are accepted.

This information is available along with every course description. Click enrol anywhere on the website for easy navigation.

This varies, depending on the structure of every course. Usually between 4-6 weeks.

We have a professional and reliable online support team available at your service.

Yes! Participants are presented with certificates of completion on the graduation ceremony day.

24/7 Online Support

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Feel free to reach out to us any time, our active support team will respond quickly.