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Website Design and Development

From a complete beginner to an expert web developer! Plan, create and design functional websites flawlessly. As an expert web developer, you’re the band that holds all digital activities together. Learn how to build different types of websites and open yourself up to limitless opportunities.

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There are front-end developers, and there are back-end developers. Whichever you specialize in, you get to play an important role in the digital world because you create the platform where businesses/brands, customers and others meet to carry out their activities. At Macaw Academy, we provide our students with the skills and knowledge they need to build websites that are both functional and visually appealing. Our goal is to help our students become confident and competent web developers who are able to create websites that meet the needs of their users.

What you will learn

Web Design starter kit.

Create any website layout you can imagine
Support any device size with Responsive (mobile-friendly) Design
Add tasteful animations and effects with CSS3
Use common vocabulary from the design industry

Personalized Learning

• Introducing HTML

• Why this Course

• What is HTML?

• Hello Mockup

• Structure of an HTML Page

• HTML Forms

• Cross Browser HTML

• Summary

• Introduction To CSS

• Styling in HTML

• Style Sheets

• ID Selectors

• Relative Selectors

• Class Selectors

• Sizing and the Box Model

• Positioning in CSS

• Display in CSS

• Float in CSS

• Typography and Color Theory

• Debugging Styling in the Browser

• Summary


• Modern website structure (one-page and multi-page)

• Balancing and arranging your layout for content

• Menus and Navigation

• Using the div tag to identify various sections on the web page

• Why Responsive

• Starting Small

• Building Up

• Common Responsive Patterns

• Optimizations

• What a CMS means

• Basic Overview

• Setting up and Installation

• Quick Start to Dashboard Overview

• General Settings

• Manipulating Categories

• Manipulating Posts

• Manipulating Media

• Manipulating Pages

• Manipulating Tags

• Manipulating Links

• Getting Started with Plugins

• Adding and Removing Users

Theme and Appearance Management

• Introduction

• Why Hosting Website Online?

• Domain Name Search and Registration

• Going Live (Hosting)

Hear what some of our students have to say about our Courses

We are proud to impact knowledge and help bring out the best from young talent.

Learning from Macaw academy has really transformed my skills to a big extent. Now I can develop websites on my own without any supervision. Thank you macaw academy.

Web Developer

When i joined macaw academy i didn't have any design knowledge, the tutors at macaw academy guided me with positive approach. I like to thank macaw academy for their support and encouragement throughout the course.

Web designer

I am glad that i gained a lot from the course by macaw academy. i learned web development from excellent tutors who tuned my skills and made me a professional developer.

Wordpress Developer

No regrets coming to Macaw Academy!!!

Front end developer

Learn Web Design from the ‘Gurus’ at Macaw academy

Learn the intricacies of WordPress, front end development (HTML, CSS3, JavaScript).

  • Duration : 6 weeks
  • Cost: ₦200,000
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