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E-mail Marketing

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book in terms of digital marketing and still maintains its relevance to date. Businesses generate a large chunk of their revenue through email marketing which is why it is relevant for all businesses to learn all its best practices.

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Email marketing is a tool used in building a brand community. Studies from multiple data authorities continue to find that email marketing helps strengthen customer relationships and drive sales. With proper mentorship in Macaw Academy, you can help brands create effective marketing strategies and content to grow their businesses.

What you will learn

E-mail Marketing starter kit.

Build a simple and easy Email System in just 2 weeks! Then just do maintenance!
Refresh yourself with the most successful marketing strategies of 2021
Tons of Copy and Paste Templates to instantly sell your Products and Services
Tons of Resources – Most popular headlines, subject lines, power words, and more

Personalized Learning

• Email Marketing Intro

• Email Marketing Basics

• Spam vs Email Marketing

• Personal data protection. GDPR. Privacy Policy

• Five reasons why customers should subscribe to your newsletters

• Private Coursenvy Community for Q&A

• Sign up for Mailchimp & Choosing a Plan

• Mailchimp Audiences

• Groups, Segments, and Tags in Mailchimp

• Lead Capture Forms and Mailchimp Integrations

• Create a Signup Form with Form Builder

• Mailchimp Campaigns

• Create a Campaign –> Create an Email

• Mailchimp Automations

• Integrate Mailchimp with Facebook

• How to Add Admins & Employees to your Mailchimp Account

• Lead Generation Services & Types of Leads

• How to Grow an Email List

• A / B Split Testing Campaigns in Mailchimp

• Best Email Subject Lines

• Email Content

• My Sign Up Email Automation HACK

• Mailchimp Reporting

• How to Increase Open Rates

• Google Analytics Link Tracking in Mailchimp

• Mailchimp Content Studio

• Mailchimp Surveys

• Mailchimp Website Builder

• Mailchimp Landing Page

• Create a FB/IG Ad with Mailchimp

• How to Delete Subscribers on Mailchimp

• Privacy Policy Requirements for Email Marketing

Hear what some of our students have to say about our Courses

We are proud to impact knowledge and help bring out the best from young talent.

My favorite part of learning from Macaw Academy is the room I was given to explore my inner artist. The course is self-paced and the dedicated team of tutors were readily available to help me through difficult exercises.

Content Writer

Apart from learning design skills from Macaw Academy, I also learnt good presentation and communication skill, interractive media, branding delivering, using Adobe creative apps. Thanks to Macaw Academy for making my visualization visible.

Graphics Designer

If you're looking to pursue a career in the tech field, Macaw Academy is your go-to. Besides having top-notch experts coach you through it all, there's room for employment. I went from zero tech skills to a certified copywriter.

Content Writer

No regrets coming to Macaw Academy!!!

Front end developer
Training Schedule & Tuition

Flexible learning at an affordable price

2-Weeks Accelerated Course
Twice in a Month
Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays
12noon – 2pm
NGN 60,000
Full-time Course
Every Month
Mondays & Tuesdays
12noon – 2pm
NGN 60,000
Weekend Course
Every Month
10am – 1pm
NGN 60,000
Customized Plan (Ideal for Companies and Teams)
Every Month
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NGN 60,000/person
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