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The opportunities at the disposal of a good copywriter are limitless. The better the copy, the higher a business’s chances of converting readers into customers. Mastering the art of copywriting translates into exponential growth for businesses.

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Copywriting is everywhere around you. Copywriting is the creation of written text for advertising. A company’s chance of converting readers to customers is highly dependent on a good sales copy. Having such valuable skills means you can help businesses experience exponential growth in their businesses. This skill can be learnt by anyone, but an added advantage is the passion for writing and marketing.

What you will learn


How to sell more products and services (just by being helpful!)
How to compel your readers using timeless sales psychology
How to gently + ethically stoke people to act NOW
How to eliminate “stage fright” and “blank page anxiety.”
Hacks and secrets from the world’s most successful copywriters
The sales psychology you NEED to grow a profitable business

Personalized Learning

• What Is Copywriting? (And Why It’s Your Secret Business & Career Building Tool)

• 3 x Amazing Tools That Will Make You A Better Copywriter

• The Seductive Power of Words (and How To Harness Them)

• Peek Over My Shoulder >>> POWER WORDS

• How To Master WIIFM (What’s In It For Me)

• Peek Over My Shoulder >>> WIIFM

• How to Flip Features into Benefits Like A Pro

• Remember: B2B Customers Eat Pizza Too

• How To Use Emotion To Motivate Your Reader

• The Secret To “Show, Don’t Tell”

• How To Write Like You Speak For Ultimate Persuasion

• Peek Over My Shoulder >>> Write like you speak

• The Secret To Creating A Winning Plan

• How To Write An Irresistible Call To Action

• Meet PAS and AIDA… Your Two New Best Friends

• How To Write Incredibly Effective Headlines

• Peek Over My Shoulder >>> Headline Hack

• Welcome And How To Use The Pocket Guides

• How To Write Press Releases Journalists LOVE

• How To Write Press Release Quotes That Don’t Suck

• High-Paid, High-Demand — How To Write Excellent Case Studies

• The Secret Sauce Questions To Ask Your Interviewee

• Peek Over My Shoulder >>> Case Studies

• How To Write Emails People Click, Read And Act Upon

• How to captivate your readers with awesome web copy

• Peek Over My Shoulder >>> Web Copy

Hear what some of our students have to say about our Courses

We are proud to impact knowledge and help bring out the best from young talent.

My favorite part of learning from Macaw Academy is the room I was given to explore my inner artist. The course is self-paced and the dedicated team of tutors were readily available to help me through difficult exercises.

Content Writer

Apart from learning design skills from Macaw Academy, I also learnt good presentation and communication skill, interractive media, branding delivering, using Adobe creative apps. Thanks to Macaw Academy for making my visualization visible.

Graphics Designer

If you're looking to pursue a career in the tech field, Macaw Academy is your go-to. Besides having top-notch experts coach you through it all, there's room for employment. I went from zero tech skills to a certified copywriter.

Content Writer

No regrets coming to Macaw Academy!!!

Front end developer
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Full-time Course
Every Month
Mondays & Tuesdays
12noon – 2pm
NGN 70,000
Weekend Course
Every Month
10am – 1pm
NGN 70,000
Customized Plan (Ideal for Companies and Teams)
Every Month
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NGN 70,000/person
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