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Design and programming courses curated for you.

In the digitalized world that we are in, companies across the globe are always on the hunt for those with the skill they need to dominate their industry. These skills range from data science to cyber security to digital marketing. Macaw academy focuses on the in-demand digital skills that enable her students to impact their society now and in the future, and to secure a better life for themselves. We teach youths the relevance of acquiring basic life and tech skills to sustain a better livelihood.

Software Development

Become a software developer. Learn the fundamentals of software programming designing, developing, installing, testing, and…

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Graphic Design

A lot of the digital world is represented through graphic design. As a graphic designer, you are an essential visual communicator.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media has become a lifestyle, for individuals and brands. There will always be brands trying to harness the potential of…

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Copywriting is everywhere around you. Copywriting is the creation of written text for advertising. A company’s chance of converting…

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Web Development

There are front-end developers, and there are back-end developers. Whichever you specialize in, you get to play…

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Every brand wishes to be at the top of a google search. Search Engine Optimization specialists help brands increase their…

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a tool used in building a brand community. Studies from multiple data authorities continue to find that email…

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